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Plugins Supported by Torque

Plugin Name Description Link
Fiat Adv
Monitor specific Fiat parameters in real-time, including engine and automatic transmission advanced sensor data by adding this plugin to Torque Pro. [Google Play]
Hyundai Adv
Monitor specific Hyundai parameters in real-time, including engine and automatic transmission advanced sensor data by adding this plugin to Torque Pro [Google Play]
Landrover Fault Scanner
Diagnose Landrover Discovery 3 specific faults with this plugin to the popular Torque app (Beta) [Google Play]
Torque-Line chart w/recording
Plots a line chart according to sensor values. The graph moves to left of screen while time pass. In additional to plotting a graph, the plugin can record back camera view. [Google Play]
Knock Detector
Check your gas engine for detonations! Ensure that your everyday car or tuned machine is working fine and gas is good. [Google Play]
RacingMeter is a plugin for Torque pro that turns your Android device into a fully working and customizable Racing digital dash displaying real-time telemetry [Google Play]
Track Recorder
Allows you to record video and OBD2 information together, and then play it back.

New features will be added!

[Google Play]
Mazdaspeed 3/6 Gen.I
Additional Torque PID information for the 2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3 & 6

Plugin by Matt Jackson

[Google Play]
Shift Lights
A plug-in that displays 'shift lights' - point at a certain RPM to shift gear - pro and free versions

Plugin by Alex Z

[Google Play]

[Project homepage]

Shift Lights Live Wallpaper
This live wallpaper will show you the shift points as you drive your vehicle.

Plugin by Alex Z

[Google Play]
Widgets for Torque
Put torque dials and displays on your android homescreen [Google Play]
Torque LiveView Plugin
Remote displays for Torque courtesy of the SonyEricsson LiveView MN800 [Google Play]
Quick OBD2 scanning tool, and overview, for more technical users/programmers.

Useful to find where extended PIDs are located in an ECU.

[Google Play]

Apps augmented by Torque data

Plugin Name Description Link
WiFi Tracker
A Wi-Fi wardriving application for scanning and logging the position of wifi access points Google Play
Allows users whose vehicles are registered at to view their vehicles engine data for proactive maintenance and allow them to interface with Trusted Mechanics in their area 'Vehicle Owner' on Google Play

App Website

If you know of any new plugins, [Let me know!]