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This is a list of adapters currently compatible with the Blackberry OS 10 phones

Working OBD2 Adapters for Blackberry phones

PLEASE NOTE - Blackberry does not support Bluetooth OBD2 adapters (yet). The support for bluetooth adapters is dependant on an OS update. In the meantime, WiFi OBD2 adapters will work provided you get one that supports Infrastructure mode (and not ad-hoc like the plx and some other adapters that are built for the iPhone)

Below is a list of adapters known to work with the Blackberry Q10 & Z10 (etc). This will eventually include bluetooth support when they update the OS to support it

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
Vgate WiFi Vgatewifi.jpg Small moulded adapter WiFi connection using infrastructure mode, not ad-hoc About 34ukp (from ebay) Suitable for use with Blackberry Q10 & Z10 devices