Theme support in Torque v1.1.8

Theme support in Torque v1.1.8

Torque now has theme support, meaning you can now customise the screen to some degree to make it how you want it to look.

Perhaps you want to make the screen look like the rest of the dials in your car? or maybe you just don’t like the default look and feel of the screen. Here’s your chance to change it.

Themes are fairly easy to create – basically a theme package is a .zip file containing 3 files (at the moment). A sample of a theme file is downloadable here

You can test your own themes by extracting the contents of your .zip file to the /.torque/themeDir/ folder on your SD card, then restarting Torque

Once you are happy with your theme then please consider sending it to the theme server so others can enjoy it! You can email the archive directly to me (my email address is available via the android market developer links, or just post it to the forums!) and it will be included in the theme server, simple!

2 Responses to "Theme support in Torque v1.1.8"
  • ScienceofSpock On 01/6/2010 @ 09:08 PM

    Zip files should be extracted to /.torque/themeDir/ not /.torque/themes/

    • Ian On 01/6/2010 @ 09:11 PM

      Well spotted! Thanks!

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