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Author Topic: Nissan X trail 2016
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Post Nissan X trail 2016 DPF help
on: February 23, 2018 (GMT)

I am trying to find out when the car had done a regen of the DPF.
Using Torque Pro I looked at the DPF temperature and DPF Pressure and it states that “No Data Received”

I was going to use these readings as evidence a regen of the filter was taking place.

Can any one help me why I am not seeing these reading , is there anything I need to do to get this I am hoping in the Nissaan X trail that these can be measured.

If there any other parameters I should be checking to see when a regen is happening?

Any help that anyone can offer I would be very grateful.

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Post Re: Nissan X trail 2016
on: February 23, 2018 (GMT)

Does your vehicle show any of the mode 01
Pid data? Torque Pro will list any mode 01 pids
supported by your vehicle under the Adapter
Status icon information.

If it does you can monitor your EGT temps to
tell when a regen is occurring. There might be
other pids too… if your vehicle supports mode

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Post Re: Nissan X trail 2016
on: February 25, 2018 (GMT)

Thankyou you for your suggestion.
I have had a look and I cannot see a listing for
DPF temperature. I can see a list of many
available sensors but nothing relating to DPF.

Below is a link to the list of sensors that I have captured from torque pro. Since I cannot post the image directly I have placed it into a drop box

It would be great to know if I can tell if a
Regen of the DPF is occurring with the available

I thought in most modern new cars that
It should be possible to obtain these
Readings. It seems that in a Nissan Xtrail
that this is not so.

Thank you

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