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Author Topic: Ford F-250 issues
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Post Ford F-250 issues
on: January 23, 2018 (GMT)

I been using TorquePro for a few years now with my 2004 Ford F250 6.0 diesel.

Annoyingly, at seemingly random intervals, Torque will stop reading (Ford specific) PIDs. When this happens all communications appear to cease. I can unplug the adapter, a ScanTool MX, which will give me now access to only the basic PIDs such as coolant temp and RPM but not the extended set, or, I can switch off the truck and restart, then all extended PIDs will be back, for the next 10 miles or so.

The MX has been updated to the latest firmware. (multiple times over the years.

This happens regardless of device I use, Samsung Note II, Samsung SIII, Samsung Tablet, HTC One to name a few I have tried.

given it happens on all devices, i thought its the MX adapter, or possibly FORD itself.

Then I ran ForScan Lite and had it load the exact same Ford PIDs, ran for a week, no hang-up.
ForScan is a bit clunky so I loaded OBDLink and ran the exact same PIDs and I have been using that for 4 weeks now without a hangup. Still using it except for today after another Torque app update, same result, 3 miles and click, everything stops updating. I can tell as the green little squares stop flashing and disappear in the gauges.

so I am back to its gotta be something in TorquePro that causes the communication to get fubar’d.

like I said, been using the latest versions of firmware for the MX and the latest TorquePro apps for my devices, currently the HTC One.

I have noticed that with debugging switched on, the interval to hang-up takes longer, if i enable faster PID reads, things seem to come to a grinding halt quicker.

my main PIDs are VGT, MAP, EBP, HPOP and IPR, but it appears any of the Ford specific PIDs will cause a crash.

Ran for a week with just bare basic SAE PIDs such as revs, coolant, battery temp but that only lasted for maybe 5 days before it hung.

Am i missing something in TorquePro settings???
Tried a search but not find an answer


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Post Re: Ford F-250 issues
on: February 5, 2018 (GMT)

So I am either the only one that is having problems …. or nobody has found out yet why TorquePro hangs where other programs do not??

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