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Author Topic: Traction Control/ABS/Brake bug with fuel levels
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Post Traction Control/ABS/Brake bug with fuel levels
on: December 13, 2017 (GMT)

Greeting all from Australia,

I bought a 2nd hand 2010 Holden Commodore Series II (3 litre LF1 engine) 3 years ago, almost to the day. Naturally, one of the first things I did was to shove my ELM 1.5 adapter and have a look around the ECU.

Initially I never had any problems, drove off with the car but after about a week I had a combination “Traction Control / Brake / ESC Error”. I figured out that it happened fairly soon after filling up the car. My car is under lease so I always drive it to < 10% capacity and fill it up. This happened a couple of times, always after filling up. Initially I thought this was a vehicle fault. The fault disappears after switching off for 3 minutes but it was annoying. Torque never finds an actual fault. I took it back to the dealer I bought it from, he had it a week and couldn’t find anything. Some searching on forums indicated that the rear ABS sensors / harness could be at fault so I replaced the 2 sensors and the harness. My thinking was filling up changed the angles in the rear suspension and kicked something off. That didn’t fix the occurrence. I couldn’t connect the problem with the ELM/Torque but naturally when the dealer had the car, my gear wasn’t connected. I then figured out that if I pulled the ELM, I didn’t get the issue – voila! that fixes it. Later on, I figured out that leaving the ELM plugged in wasn’t the problem, I just needed to be out of Torque. I’m submitting this because I’ve discovered that it isn’t just filling up, it is any substantial change is measured fuel quantity between shutting down and restart with Torque running. A couple of days ago, I parked outside my mates house with a very low fuel level < 10%. Not sure how many people have noticed but once the level is low, the “% remaining” value in Torque varies considerably as the low fuel level sloshes around the tank under accel/decel/cornering. My mate lives on a substantial hill so parking face down caused the measured level to vary on startup and Bingo – faults appear and just as easily rectified. I’m 100% Ok now that I know what sets the car off. As mentioned, all I need to do is close Torque and give the ECU a minute or two to recognise the new fuel levels. After that – good as gold. Anyone had anything similar? Oddly when I suspected the vehicle, searches directed me to a Prius forum where someone there had exactly the same symptoms. Should I just blame the Chinese ELM 1.5 bluetooth adapter? I love Torque and use it continuously. I have at least 5 people who have bought it on my recommendation. I’m just interested in improving an already fabulous product. Cheers Tony

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