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Author Topic: Custom PIDs for ATMA (Harley-Davidson protocol)
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Post Custom PIDs for ATMA (Harley-Davidson protocol)
on: August 28, 2017 (GMT)

I have complete definition of system (“broadcast”) frames of my car and I want to use this information to getting data from different ECUs simultaneously with a high speed (now I could not do that because my ECUs works with ? KWP protocol where readDataByLocalIdentifier=0x21 and Torque pro do not support defining custom pids for reading data from differen ECUs simultaniously by such protocol, more over, it is much slower then reading data from system frames without queury)
I know that “Harley Davidson protocol” imbedded in troque is operating in monitoring mode (ATMA). I tried to define custom pids for this protocol but without success.

Could anybody please suggest me how to define custom pids for monotoring mode (ATMA)????

If it is impossible in current version then may I ask to developers to modifiy this protocol or create the new one as below

atd1 #turn on DLC for checking frame consistency
ath1 #for proper displaying received data
atcaf0 #disable can autoformatting for not to get ‘DATA ERROR’ message
atcf000 #clear filter (not all ELM supports atcra without parameters)
atcm000 #clear filter
atsp #can protocol
atma #start monitoring

We need to send ‘\r’ to ELM to repeat ‘atma’ every time we’ve received “BUFFER FULL” message in reading thread.

1) we may use DLC for finding and dropping inconsistent frames
2) we may use “String[] header” field for defining appropriate canId

Thank you in advance for any information

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Post Re: Custom PIDs for ATMA (Harley-Davidson protocol)
on: August 31, 2017 (GMT)

Is it really impossible to define custom PIDs for monitoring mode? ((((

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Post Re: Custom PIDs for ATMA (Harley-Davidson protocol)
on: May 13, 2018 (GMT)

Harley Davidson protocol plug-in ?

There has been no new info for a while.
Has there been any progress on add Harley Davidson protocol or create a plug-in for it?

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