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Author Topic: Using Torque to catch intermittent stalling?
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Post Using Torque to catch intermittent stalling?
on: July 25, 2017 (GMT)

My car (a 2002 Toyota Camry) has been stalling intermittently, about once a week. Always happens while I am stopped at a stop light or in heavy traffic, although the majority of the time I can do these things without issue.

All the dash board lights, including the Check Engine light, go on during a stall, but the check engine light does not stay on, and there is no error code that can be read according to my mechanic.

If I were to run Torque while I drive, and have it log the data, could I get some useful info from that to provide to my mechanic?

Even if it can not read an error code, perhaps It will see some odd activity right before it stalls? As long as it keeps a log of that, it could be useful!

I have the free version of Torque and am still quite new to using it. So I would need a quick overview of what tools Torque has that might help me here, and how to utilize them. I’ll pay for the pro version if there is a good reason to.


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Post Re: Using Torque to catch intermittent stalling?
on: July 26, 2017 (GMT)

Yes, there is darned good reason to pay for the pro version. It is worth the 4.95 just to be able to come here and ask the question.

After that, you could benefit from reading the following entire thread:



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Post Re: Using Torque to catch intermittent stalling?
on: August 15, 2019 (GMT)

Jeez I wish it wasn’t 2yrs since your posting. I have a 2002 that does the ‘won’t idle’ thing on occasion also. Sorry you got such a snarky response from F150.
My Camry 2.4l started acting up with hesitation when accelerating,, stumbling idle and then the CEL came on. Went to AutoZone and found I have a P0171. They tried to hurry me to buy a new MAF but I wanted to check further. Bought a Kiwi 4 and got the TorquePro and knew enough to get the freeze frame for the CEL. 65mph, eng at normal working range, 40% load, high LTFT(36+) and 6+ STFT. I used some MAF cleaner and when I got the TorquePro set-up for realtime monitoring it seemed to have cured itself for at least a few days. Then suddenly it didn’t want to idle at all. As if was relearning idle like after a battery change. It did this before but I didn’t have anything hooked up. This time I did. My coolant was at 145F, STFT and LTFT both showing zero activity, but as the eng kept warming up the struggle to maintain idle gradually reduced and it started to idle. I think I need to check all my connections, check what the coolant sensor is putting out. O2 is good, staying always in and around stoichiometry.

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Post Re: Using Torque to catch intermittent stalling?
on: August 15, 2019 (GMT)

if i remember correctly LTFT will not change until engine temperature is near normal

not sure about STFT

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