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Author Topic: Hybrid Battery Module Voltage Difference Readings ... Heads Up
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Post Hybrid Battery Module Voltage Difference Readings ... Heads Up
on: March 30, 2017 (GMT)

In a hybrid, you want the voltage of the various modules (20 in the Tahoe) to be similar. If they deviate by more that a certain amount it may indicate a bad battery pack or module(s) in the battery pack. And that can be spendy!

Be careful interpreting the Torque readings. Here is a suspected potential problem with the readings. I indicated “suspected” since I don’t have absolute proof, only observational hints.

Let’s say you log the 20 battery module voltages. The amount of time it takes to get all the readings for a log entry can be long enough that the state of the vehicle changes. Thus some of the readings are older than others and the changed state can significantly change the voltage readings. Changes happen fast in the hybrid battery world. In one instant you can be drawing power, the next you are charging. And voltage can jump around between those instants.

What may work better is to not look at (or plot) the log but to observe the gauges (the passenger, not the driver) as to performance. Find a piece of road where you will not need to change throttle position or vehicle load. Or observe the values while idling. Once the voltages settle, then you are probably getting a better reading across all.

If anyone can better inform this post, please do so. As I said, this is based on “observational hints”.

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