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Author Topic: external gps not working
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Post external gps not working
on: October 25, 2016 (GMT)

I am using Torque on a Samsung Tab S 8.4 on Android 6.0.1 and on a LG V20 on Android 7.0. I have a Carly for BMW Adapter Gen 2 Bluetooth ODB reader and a SkyPro XGPS160 GPS Receiver external GPS unit.

The app works fine on both phone and tablet when using the ODB reader and internal device GPS.

I cannot set my SkyPro as an external GPS. I go in GPS settings and try to change the GPS. The dialog box that comes up shows Carly as the GPS unit. I click on SkyPro, the dialog box goes away without checking that device as the GPS (I can briefly still see Carly marked as the GPS) then the app tells me to restart Torque. I do this. At this point Torque searches for the GPS forever and cannot find it. The external GPS unit has 5 Bluetooth indicator lights that shows how many devices it is talking to. Those lights are off which tells me the unit is not connected to Torque. How do I fix this?

This unit talks to other apps (Harry’s lap timer, its own app and other track related apps) just fine.

How do I get this unit to work with Torque?

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Post Re: external gps not working
on: October 25, 2016 (GMT)


I’m looking into it to see if there’s an issue and will post back in a bit (or tomorrow as it’s getting a bit late tonight)

Edit: Found the issue and it will be fixed tomorrow morning (then it should be with you in an update in the next day or so)

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Post Re: external gps not working
on: October 26, 2016 (GMT)

thanks, i will keep an eye out for the app update.

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Post Re: external gps not working
on: March 20, 2017 (GMT)

Hi and thank you for your great app!

My configuration is:
1. OBDLink MX Bluetooth FW 4.2.3
2. XGPS160 connected directly (External GPS Settings of Torque). Not any GPS Mock provider used.
3. Android (6.0) Tablet MediaPad M3
-Torque Pro as Receiver and Recorder/Logger working in background
-Torque Repeater plugin (see 4)
4. Android (5.1.1) Sony Experia Z1c as Torque Live Dashboard
5. Foreground: Navigation software as: Here, IGO and etc. using internal GPS receiver

As a result I achieve:
1. Foreground: Navigation software with internal (1Hz) GPS receiver
2. Background: Torque pro using 10Hz external GPS receiver, logging all OBD2 data and repeating OBD2 data to external/another smartphone for live dashboard data

This complicated :) configuration works fine with some exception: sometimes one of bluetooth devices disconnects: OBDLink MX or XGPS160:
– In case of OBDLink the recconection is up in several seconds. I can see the lost of connection in the CSV file. Also in car I can hear the disconnect/connect sound.
– In case of XGPS160 i can see that in CSV file XGPS160 sending the same data/position forever up to its restart. Actually i cant see disconnect message. Also cant confirm the status of the “Sattelite” light in Torque Pro. I tried to reproduce the issue in the home (without OBDLink part) for up to 4 hours but without success (reproduction). Also, last year in far simple configuration (without external smartphone as dashboard) there were no XGPS160 disconnects. Also never have any issues with another app and XGPS160 in simple (one bluetooth channel) configurations. I think this is a case where (3 and more) bluetooth channels mismatch/disconnects and should be recconected but the bluetooth stack does not care about this. Torque Pro recconects to disconnected OBDLink MX, but may be not with disconnected XGPS160? That is my first question.

My second question:
I can see on the MapView plugin that the records are in the time resolution of the XGPS160 – up to 10Hz, but the CSV file exports data in resolution of ordinary about 1Hz. Could be data in CSV file be as same as internal data, in time resolution of up to 10Hz?

Also, I could enable GPS Mock provider for external XGPS160 receiver and use it as ordinary Android GPS provider. In this case External GPS Settings of Torque should not be used. Bluetooth GPS provider App have functionality to recconect failed connection with XGPS160 and this should resolve my problem, but I would preffer to not complicate additionally the configuration with additional App and Mock settings. So, it is again my first question: Is Torque connection to External GPS could be monitored and reconnected if dropped?

As general disconnections in the car happens one (OBDLink-MX or XGPS160) in several (about 3) hours. Also, strange or not, (when Torque Receiver sometimes disconnects OBDLink-MX) never hear the same disconnection message from Torque Live Dashboard smartphone.

Update 1:
Last day OBDLink removed the latest FW 4.2.3 as buggy with problem with random disconnects. Thats could/should be a OBDLink-MX disconnection reason. Will downgrade and try again.

Update 2:
Will try with separate thread :)

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