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Author Topic: Very easy way to calibrate Torque speedometer!
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Post Very easy way to calibrate Torque OBD speedometer!
on: November 8, 2014 (GMT)


I found very easy way to calibrate Torque speedometer. Here are very easy instructions to calibration.

You need your car with GPS speedometer (navigator with GPS speedometer or something else to get GPS speed (becouse GPS speed is usually most accurate speed)), your Torque showing OBD speed and calculator. speed where you want to calibration to be most accurate (in my case 80km per hour)
2. Make sure in your car profile settings the speedometer calibration number is in default. Number 1 of course is default calibration number.
3. Drive your calibration speed with GPS speedometer and torque speedometer running. don’t use car speedometer to monitor your calibration speed (GPS speedometer is more accurate than car own speedometer). (Calibration speed in my case 80km per hour)
4. When you drive selected calibration speed (in my case 80km per hour) watch what speed your Torque OBD speed shows (in my case my OBD speed was about 76.2)
5.Stop your car and take calculator to do some math.
6. Calculate by using this formula: torquedefaultcalibrationnumber/yourtorqueobdspeed=result1. result1*wanted calibrated OBD speed=this result is your number to but in your car profile speedometer calibration number.

Here is my example my Torque OBD speed is 76.2km per hour (at 80km per hour in GPS speed. The speed where I want to calibrate my Torque OBD speed) so I divide my Torque default calibration number (number one) with my OBD speed. So in this case calculation formula is 1/76.2 and the result1 is 0.01312336.

Next formula to calculate is your result1t*yourdrivedcalibrationspeedbygps the result2 is your Torque car settings OBD speedometer calibration number.

In my case calculation goes like this 0.01312336*80km per hour=1.0498688

So in my case my Torque car profile OBD speed calibration number is 1.0498688 to get GPS and Torque OBD speedometer to show 80km per hour when I drive 80km per hour.

Very easy and simple way to calibrate your OBD speedometer in Torque.

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Post Re: Very easy way to calibrate Torque speedometer!
on: November 8, 2014 (GMT)

Or expressed another way…

Quote from Capp777 on December 2, 2013
total vehicle weight , i’m not sure how to get the exact weight of me and my jeep?


While weighing on a weigh bridge or scale would yield the most accurate
weight, you can approximate by using the vehicle’s gross weight and
adding any additional weight, i.e., driver, fuel and any additional weight
for equipment not accounted in OEM’s gross weight.

boost adjustment(atmospheric pressure adjustment) , i’m not sure what this is about?


Boost is the amount of pressure above atmospheric in the intake
manifold caused by air forced from a turbo or supercharger.

Typical boost is calculated using MAP – Barometer readings. The
barometer reading will vary based upon elevation. For vehicles
which do not return a barometer reading this field can be used
to manually correct. For most vehicles this value should be zero.

A correct boost reading will read near zero at KOEO.

volumetric efficiency , not the foggiest clue what this is?


VE is a measure of the efficiency of the air taken into the cylinder.
Most vehicles at WOT should be from 70-85%. Vehicles equipped
with a turbo can compress the intake air to values even higher.
Use 85% when in doubt. (A 4.0L engine with 100% VE will take 4.0L
of air into the engine).

MPG trim adjustment (in case mpg is off) , ????


The MPG adjustment is a factor that will allow user
to correct for any reporting differences found in MPG
after using all other means like faster communications
and use more sensors in settings.

and of course the big one is the OBD speed multiplier (for vehicles with different diameter tires then stock) , the stock size for my jeep cherokee is 215/75/15 but i have 235/75/15 tires and i plan on getting 33 inches tires eventually how do i input that?


The speed multiplier corrects for any differences by

Displayed Speed = OBD Speed * Speed Factor


Speed Factor = Old Factor * (Measured Speed / Displayed Speed)

End Quote.

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