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Author Topic: Missfire (GM)
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Post Missfire (GM)
on: March 15, 2011 (GMT)

Anyone know what I need to do to put the PID into torque for misfire count?

Better yet does the paid version have misfire count? This is basically what I am after for my car. It has a slight miss that is pretty intermittent. I would like to track it down. I have the free app and it works great but if I cannot get the information I need I don’t want to buy the paid app. If the paid app can do this I will gladly buy it.

I have a 2002 Monte Carlo SS.

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Post Re: Missfire (GM)
on: January 22, 2013 (GMT)

Start up Torque

Touch the options, bottom left


Scroll down to Manage extra PIDs/Sensors

Then I selected GM something or other, next to Ford

Then I think it adds the GM PIDs

Then go back to the “Realtime Information” and when you want to add the Misfire PID it will be there.

I chose the Bar Graph and changed the max value to 100. I tried just digital but unless the misfire is constant the numbers will disappear several seconds after the misfire. The bar graph is much more noticeable and the misfire count is displayed as well.

For some reason changing the max value takes effect several seconds after the app is connected to the PCM. So the screenshot below displays the default value.

I selected “current misfire” as Misfire History didn’t display anything that was happening currently.

Also on my phone it showed that #1 & #2 cylinders were switched, meaning if I pulled the plug wire off #1 Torque showed the misfire occurring on #2.

I started a thread about that and plan to try it on another vehicle to see if maybe it’s my truck that;s the problem.

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Post Re: Missfire (GM)
on: January 23, 2013 (GMT)

Let me know what happens on this as I’m quite interested in the outcome! – from the information I have, 1 & 2 are the correct way around (and it may be a vehicle specific thing)

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Post Re: Missfire (GM)
on: June 30, 2023 (GMT)

Let me warm up this topic after 10 years… :-) Mine is Astra J 1.4T (A14NET, LUJ) engine. I set the GM pids for misfire but they work strange. The values are altering between 0, 147 and 37631. I unfortunately cannot tell if the cylinder numbers are correct as I have a transformer module that acts as a bridge over all of the spark plugs and I can’t pull one cable at once.

I’m interested in the misfire count but how can I find the correct pids for my engine? (Also the SparkAdv gives values like 474.3 and the transmission oil life changes from 17.1% (idle) to 57.3% (while driving, it goes up and down, 57.3% is the maximum value), I guess it should slowly decrease?)


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