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Author Topic: Adapters with '11:22:33:DD:EE:FF' - try to avoid
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Post Re: Adapters with
on: September 9, 2019 (GMT)

Im looking for an adapter to monitor engine load in real time. I bought a ELM 327 a while back, I believe it was a cheap knockoff because it made my car made weird noises, which I have learned might be because it drew a lot of power from the car battery. Very annoying, I decided to throw that crap out immediately, but now I am in the search for a proper adapter.

My car is a Golf mk 5. Please recommend me something that will guaranteed work. Ive looked at the wiki, but some of those options are too much for me.

Hope all of that is possible!

Maggie jj
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Post Re: Adapters with
on: September 11, 2019 (GMT)

Over the years, I can recall numerous times when I encountered a Check Engine light on my dashboard instrument display and I would either ignore it until something went wrong and I had to get my car to my mechanic, or until I would go for NYS Vehicle Inspection and be told that I had to have the issue resolved in order to pass the inspection test. In some cases, the issue causing the Check Engine light can be simple and in other cases way more complicated. Regardless of the cause, it would be nice to have some idea of the details of the issue prior to visiting the mechanic. Not to say that all mechanics are dishonest, but in many cases, we become the victim of a “lack of knowledge” robbery and lose everything in our wallet :-).

The VXDAS NT510 Professional OBD2 Scanner seems advanced enough for the professional mechanic to start to investigate the issue and useful and informative enough for the less knowledgeable to walk into the mechanic shop and at least sound like – “Hey!! I have some knowledge about what’s wrong with my car”!!


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