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Author Topic: Torque Changelog
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Post ChangeLog (First post updated each version release)
on: November 28, 2017 (GMT)

Theme authors – Due to Android 12’s new restrictions, please update your themes using the following easy to adapt example at:

Changes in 1.12.98(6-March-2022) Current release on Google Play
* Fix an issue with the button script editor not refreshing the button after editing scripts
* Fix a small issue with extended PIDs, when using long headers, and 29bit canbus systems
* Fix a transposition error in a fault code description
* Fix an issue with the Test button in the PID editor and the Send OBD Command button
* Update the legacy .torque folder migration in ‘Backup and Restore’
* Fix issue reported with some high and low alarms on displays

Changes in 1.12.93(26-Feb-2022)
* Workaround another protocol negotiation issue in older clone adapters
* Further improvements to handle canbus issues with some OBD adapters
* Change vehicle profile default scan mode to thorough for new profiles
* Workarounds for vehicles using ISO9141 and bad clone adapters
* Add more icons for indicator displays
* Workaround for a KWP ecu based issue
* Protocol now correctly reported if using custom init, or switched whilst currently connected
* Some small speedups
* Changes to benchmarking screen to auto scale the graph and fix a small regression in the adapter status screen

Changes in 1.12.88(20-Feb-2022)
* Added ability in themes settings to gain .torque folder access to allow legacy theme imports
* Added (in backup/restore settings) option to manually import all files in the legacy .torque folder to the apps new storage location
* Fix an issue where readout displays may not display a value if the units were ‘s’
* Added some more methods to the Sensor script function:
* fixed an issue with onOBDConnected/onOBDDisconnected and onSensorRead methods
* Add some more debug logging around connection events
* Speedup when connecting using custom init strings and another speedup on the initial connection to OBD as well
* Revert a change that caused screen corruption on devices with bugged display driver code
* Updates for Sound class in scripting
* Improved refresh algorithm

Changes in 1.12.80(16 Feb 2022)
* Improvements when using adapters which do not return the correct number of responses from the ECU
* Found and implemented workaround for problematic adapters and mode 21/22 PIDs
* Further improvements to PID refresh
* Removal of legacy device workarounds for OS bugs(devices before Android 4.2)
* Fix a parser bug that crept into the 1.12.76 beta
* Improved the OBD adapter init
* Improved the OBD parser
* API changes required for new TorqueScan plugin update
* Improve behaviour where custom init strings are used in multi ECU environment
* A bluetooth fix for some devices

Changes in 1.12.75(12 Feb 2020)
* Tidy up some custom init code, more reliable inits.
* Speedup when not using any mode01 PIDs
* Reconnection fix when adapter cannot see ECU
* Remove permission that was no longer required
* Improve read speeds when using custom init
* Improve reconnection events for BLE adapters
* Add warnings/notes in the adapter status screen for when some adapters don’t do what they’re told
* Add warnings for adapters that do not support the AT AL command (when they should)
* Fix benchmark screen when using custom init
* Fix idle polling when using custom init
* Change PID imports so # and * are no longer treated as comments at the start of the line
* Further improvements to pid refresh rates
* GUI fix for statusbar positioning and icon positioning(improved for some more devices)
* Fix issue with AIDL method requestExclusiveLock
* Fix issue with boost sensor not working on vehicles with multiple pressure sensors
* Add AIDL method to allow CAN monitor mode on the adapter
* Add AIDL method to get the current header in use (use with requestExclusiveLock)
* Make sure diagnostic mode not enabled when exclusive lock requested via AIDL
* Add AIDL utility method for an easy way to combine multiple(long) CAN responses.
* AIDL requestExclusiveLock() no longer requires permission box ticked
* Increment AIDL Version number (37)
* Speedup user interface redraws
* Fix issue with custom init on some vehicles
* Fix issue with BLE not working on older handsets
* Fix an issue with some PID plugins not working
* Fix theme update
* Possible workaround for bluetooth bug on some handsets

Changes in 1.12.59 (5-Feb-2022)
* Fixes for bluetooth connection problems in Sony and OPPO handsets where the manufacturer broke bluetooth again.
* Workarounds for yet another faulty OBD2 adapter
* Updates for USB adapters when certain conditions encountered
* Add support for more BLE adapters (BLE is not well suited for OBD2 – try to avoid these types of adapter)
* Fix issue with CSV export and some diagnostic commands

Changes in 1.12.52 (5-Feb-2022)
* Fix issue with headers being reverted incorrectly when using DBC hybrid mode
* Fix issue with diagnostic start/stop commands not being sent correctly when single-line multi command \n style separators were used (2101)
* Update italian translation (thanks)

Changes in 1.12.46 (4-Feb-2022)
* Add export and clear logs function to the new ‘backup’ settings menu
* Tidy up some code and fix some small issues based on feedback so far
* Response limiting fix to allow a-f digits
* Improve handling of translations
* Backup/Restore: Add a note about character sets if an invalid one other than UTF8 is used
* Fix issue with DBC loading/saving
* Fix a script parsing issue when hard spaces were present
* Add Sound class to scripting engine:
* Fix USB issues and workaround adapter problem
* Update USB and BLE buffer handling code
* DBC File editing updates
* Modification to permissions to allow users to set automatic Bluetooth Off/On again
* Fix web logging auth token setting not saving in the settings
* Fix some header parsing bugs affecting canbus monitoring

Changes in 1.12.32
* Sandboxed scripting ability initially for the pushbutton widget, but now also includes ‘core’ scripts which can be loaded in the app settings:
* Update pushbutton music/audio controls for Android M and above
* Extended sensor/pid DBC imports for new ‘CAN monitor’ mode – settable in the vehicle profile (or just use normal OBD2 for a ‘hybrid’ can monitor & OBD2 mode – the OBDLink MX is fastest when using hybrid modes
* Ability for hybrid OBD & CAN monitor operation at the same time (slow-ish, but useful when you want to log from both methods. OBDLink adapter recommended as it’s faster at the transition between modes)
* Update API so themes can be sent and read via plugins – example plugin source is here:
* API change for ‘sendCommandGetResponse’ which now allows a greater range of OBD commands (0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x07, 0x09, 0x0a, 0x21, 0x22, 0x23) without requiring special permissions to be granted in the app settings
* Bump API version number up to 36, update AIDL file: (theme api updates and ability to pull double values for pids)
* Update org.prowl.torque.OBD_CONNECTED/DISCONNECTED/etc intents so android 12+ now sends them again to apps such as tasker and any other plugins that need them to function
* Update to workaround missing features in android 11+ homescreen, to allow Widget plugin to function properly (widget plugin update will also be needed)
* Increase precision in equation parser
* Change the ‘flashing’ alert style of the displays so it is easier to read the value when in the alert state
* Set the readout graph colour to the same as the graph line colour so it can be adjusted by themes
* Add a syntax colouring script editor
* Implement a cleanup of 0 byte logfiles (created when logging was started when not connected to the OBD adapter, but options in the settings such as ‘only when connected’ or ‘synchronous logging’ were enabled which prevent any log writes until you are connected to the ECU). Also adjust the settings wording to reflect this
* Change to workaround a segfault in android skia graphics
* Add the script editor as an option for the pushbutton widget
* Fix bug in export corescript function
* Fix a few obscure crashes in the Trip Viewer screen
* Fix a sdk warning issue for font-family usage
* Fix high CPU load when using some USB adapters
* Small tweak to Accelerometer and GPS sensors to speed up start times
* Custom Init strings in the vehicle profile now have some presets
* Fix a small issue when pushbutton scripts had not been assigned to a pushbutton yet
* PIDEditor validation for PIDs improved
* Fix issues with the pushButton script editor when there’s no script and a couple of other bugs that let the script run with missing onInit() methods
* Stop accidental pushbutton clicks when scrolling the screen or moving the button
* Fix an issue in 1.12.3 that caused a long pause
* Add a clear warning when the onInit() function is missing in pushbutton scripts
* Add SIGNED8(), SIGNED16(), SIGNED24() and SIGNED32() functions
* Improve error reporting for core scripts (and fix the line numbers)
* Enable pushbuttons to be resized
* Add ‘Speech’ class to script engine
* Add ‘Vehicle’ class to script engine
* Script editor now has a ‘check’ button to validate script
* Fix some issues in script processing on older devices which were introduced when a release build was made
* Fix an issue with the DBC parser causing some frames to be ignored
* Small update to USB connectivity
* Fix to stop DBC/CAN pids being exported with normal PIDs
* Allow Extended PIDs to have a user specified minimum refresh delay (instead of using the Torque automatic method). Also PID import/export/plugins have been updated for the new value
* Increase range for min/max values
* DBC import now handles multiple spaces in out of spec files
* Icon style display type for on/off user selectable icons
* Export, Import all user data as zip (backup everything) and factory reset settings options added
* Add missing units to PID editor refresh delay (milliseconds)
* Add ‘equal’ trigger to alarm management
* Ability to export CAN monitor PIDs as DBC file format
* CAN Monitor mode editor screen with test function
* Indicator options added (turn on when equal, not equal, greater than, less than) and flashing option
* Add missing turn signal icons for indicator display and configuration screen
* Improved startup times on low end devices some more.
* Fix PID manual refresh rate not being persisted
* Readout displays now display in d:h:m and h:m:s for PIDs with seconds set as the unit
* Fix a locale issue that was missed in testing
* Add transparent capability for the indicator display
* Update Track Recorder for Android 12
* Update TorqueWidget for Android 12
* Update Theme Example Plugin for Android 12 –
* GUI updates to Alarms and Indicator displays
* Improve local cache files housekeeping and fix a small bug in theme caches
* Fix a small bug in display resizing
* DBC test button in editor now works
* Update OBDLink power saving/sleep settings
* Some small wording changes
* Re-add an intent that was previously deprecated
* Improvement to ECU negotiation in vehicles using custom init
* Improvement to User edited PID reading speed
* Improvement to fault code handling
* Improvement to OBD adapter capability checks
* Fix for some extended PID handling and plugins using diagnostic start/stop commands

Changes in 1.10.258 (9-Jan-2022)
* Fix floating dashboard notification to user to say that they need to enable ‘overlay permission’ in the android settings to show the widgets
* Update the readout graph type display to work as a floating widget properly
* Improve large PID imports so ANRs less likely to happen
* Improve the bluetooth selection dialog
* Fix an obscure issue with WiFi in some situations
* Fix a crash in the Trip Viewer

Changes in 1.10.256 (7-Jan-2022)
* Fix an issue loading dashboard files
* Fix an incorrect notification pendingIntent that affects Android 12
* Fix a small issue in the Adapter Status screen for single ecu systems
* Reposition the dial on the main screen for the galaxy fold
* Improved WiFi setup a bit more
* Added a highlight in the settings when bluetooth adapters need to be chosen
* Can now tap the ‘status bar’ flashing icons next to the profile on the main screen to find out what permissions are missing
* Help icon is removed when lots of plugins are installed and moved to menu
* Fixed an issue where torque may stop connecting to WiFi adapters until restarted
* Fix an issue with BLE adapters on API>27 handsets
* Lots of other small bugfixes based on feedback
* Found a bluetooth reliability issue with any device using a “Snapdragon 865” processor. Looks like a silicon issue
* Increase device support range to support include Android 4.1 to Android 12+
* Update Test results activity
* Update to WiFi connectivity
* Updated Italian, Korean translations (thankyou)
* Update to improve detection of defective OBD adapters

Changes in release 1.10.250 (6-Jan-2022)
* Update equation parser
* Fix an erroneous bluetooth permission error
* Manage/Edit PID lists now remember their last scroll position
* Fix a couple of reported issues where the app would stop

Changes in 1.10.249 (5-Jan-2022)
* Move from API 30 to target API 31
* Another startup speed improvement on low-end devices
* Improved Wi-Fi adapter support
* Vehicle profile custom init text input can now be multiline making things a lot easier
* Multiline text entry added to PID editor as well for some fields
* Add Authorization: Bearer token option for https: connections in web logging
* Fix a few small preference enabled/disabled bugs
* Fix ID generation for web uploads (if user chooses to enable them)
* Add missing change type configuration option for new graph readout display
* Fix a small issue in BLE scanning
* Fix an issue if there was no GPS hardware present in the device
* Workaround incorrect graphics on an android in-car headunit
* Fix an issue where lack of bluetooth permissions(‘nearby device’ permission) would cause a crash if not granted and the user chooses to look for a bluetooth OBD2 device
* Improve the permissions explanation screen, shown when the app is installed for the first time
* Fix ‘add predefined list’ option in manage extra pids
* Change default protocol to ‘Automatic (Fast)’ in the vehicle profile for new profiles
* Workaround for os segfaults in skia egl_swapbuffers() and alloc()
* Fix an issue causing the sensor list in the adapter status screen not to show in some situations
* Fix an Android 12 issue with floating widgets
* Fix an issue with notices not being shown after a maps API change

Changes in 1.10.240 (2-Jan-2022)
* Gradle build fixes for external Plugin PIDs not being found due to broken query tag parsing
* More accessibility updates

Changes in 1.10.238 (1-Jan-2022)
* Accessibility updates (button, text edit area sizes, content descriptions etc)
* LG Theme bug fix

Changes in 1.10.236 (1-Jan-2022)
* Improve startup times some more on devices using translations
* Fix missing detokenisation of sensor names (O2 sensors) for AIDL api, bump API version number
* Fix regression in translations
* Investigation into LG phone issues with possible workarounds for a suspected theme bug in the OS
* More input validation in the vehicle profile and settings activities
* Changes for LG devices to workaround bug in vehicle profile
* Update to new readout graph display for mdpi and ldpi devices not showing the graph in some instances
* More changes to try to fix an obscure problem on some LG devices
* Fix an ANR when importing a hundreds of external PIDs and provide a progress dialog
* More validation in the settings and fix a potential issue with saving data

Changes in 1.10.220 (30-Dec-2021)
* Bump hardware acceleration minimum to android 8mr1 from 8.0 due to android headunit os bugs
* Workaround for android headunits with incomplete file selectors
* Change number of decimal places menu option added to more dial types
* Fixes for Right To Left languages causing a force-close in the vehicle profile editor

Changes in 1.10.206 (29-Dec-2021)
* Quicker startup time on low end devices
* Update LG V60 theme fix
* Try to resolve a rare ANR on LG devices
* Fix an ANR when starting services
* Workaround a crash on LG devices where the update was corrupted by PlayStore or an optimisation android ran after trying to install/merge the update
* Extend MPG code to use new sensors
* Fix an issue with trip logging in Android 8
* New display type ‘readout’ with background graph (beta)
* Can now change the speed at which graphs update (long press display, configuration) in the new graph readout (the older graph will be done soon as well)
* Improved start time when translations are in use
* Fixed a couple of multi-ecu related bugs
* Added another translation
* Improved service startup if using translations
* User pids now a different colour in the sensor list for ease of finding
* Fixed another bug with detected PIDs vs ECU advertised PIDs
* “Engine operating temperature” setting can now have the temperature set in the app settings
* Fix 100-200kph timer
* Add Positive Kinetic Energy (PKE) PID

Changes in 1.10.190 (24-Dec-2021)
* Update long CAN message handling for extremely large message replies
* Snap the default dashboard layout items to the layout grid
* Further small tweak to GPS to workaround an issue on an obscure android handset with a broken GPS chipset
* Web upload profile added more vehicle profile information (when you choose to enable web logging, VE, MPG trims, and other vehicle profile settings are sent at the start of a logging session to your chosen webserver)
* Push button display now able to start / stop logging sessions
* Better handling of some types of negative 7F responses
* PID sensor list scroll position is now remembered
* Push button display can now be used to mark an event in the logfile (also creates a notice in web logging if enabled)
* Push button, clock, compass, map (etc) widgets can now be set to tiny as well as larger sizes
* Fix a couple of issues when changing display size or type
* Fix contrast issue in Freeze Frame viewing
* Fix crash when adding an alarm on some devices
* Fix android theme and spinner dropdowns on some screens
* Updated multiple translations and added new ones(some still pending, thankyou to the people who spend time updating them!)
* Added a rotating compass in addition to the existing compass
* Fix regression in settings due to theme xml update where some preference summaries were not the correct colour
* Add STFT3,STFT4,LTFT3 and LTFT4 PIDs for multi banked vehicles
* Updates for DPF Pressure and temperature PIDs Banks 1 & 2
* Add Alcohol Fuel Percentage PID (bascially E rating)
* Add EV Battery remaining charge PID (most of these will only be supported by recent vehicles)
* Add EV battery voltage, current (charge + discharge) and power PID
* Add vehicle odometer PID
* Add EV/Hybrid battery State of Health PID
* Fix issue found with STFT
* Update of O2 sensor PIDs to handle different vehicle configurations
* Fix a small rendering issue
* Put Arduino code on GitHub:
* Workaround for PID imports due to inconsistent csv mimetype reporting on Google Drive
* Add tap to wake option to ‘sleep’ mode
* Add random offset to sleep mode text
* Workaround a skia segfault when sleep mode is used and the device screen goes to sleep
* Fix an issue with AFR & Lambda being incorrectly calculated after the reworking the O2 sensor code in the last beta
* Test results screen no longer allows the screen to timeout
* Workaround for LG V60 ThinQ bug in OS
* Reduce CPU usage on Zoomed dial screen

Changes in 1.10.120 (current beta track)
* Fixes for issue caused by Android 11

Changes in 1.10.112
* Fix issue with fault log theme
* Updates to distance to empty calculation
* Improvements to Trip View activity to replace a missing function
* USB has been updated to be more ‘plug and play’
* Fix a couple of theme issues with black text on a dark background
* All displays updated to show ‘not ready’ when the ECU reports a sensor is not ready
* Fix a problem in logging
* Fix Infinity ‘max’ in Trip View

Changes in 1.10.107
* Fix for trip uploading not uploading user units if a ‘%’ was one of the units
* New trips website (part of the app update due to changes also needed in the app) – maps fixed, graphs work with user added and app added sensors, faster server. ‘id’ login will be retired at this point in favour of email based user logins (the ID system isn’t as secure), plus use of SSL.
* Rewrite of permissions requests (API changes required in Android 9 onwards)
* Updated launcher icon that follows googles new ‘adaptive icons’ gudelines
* Updates for API26+ handling for third party plugins
* Improvements to rendering speed of gauges and also small bugfix causing rendering speed to slow down on some ART configurations
# Due to the way in Android O+ limits background services, third party PID plugins will need to update to take this into account on newer platforms – mainly any AIDL service should be started with startForegroundService where possible (I will release an updated example plugin in a couple of days with the relevant changes)
* Refreshed trips activity to use the new google maps API

Changes in 1.8.203

* Small bugfix in profile loading seen on some devices
* Change for Google API updates in the Google Play Developer console

Changes in 1.8.202
* Workaround for small issue in older android 6 handsets due to OS bug
* Improve the Vechicle profile screen a bit so it is easier to parse
* Can override fuel level pid
* Improved poll rate for user defined PIDs
* Fix a theme issue with dials using the long pid format (0x7ffffffe)

Changes in 1.8.199
* Fixed issue saving fault code lists
* Added Android device battery level pid
* Added link to PID editor from dashboard screen in display configuration when the display is linked to a user created PID
* J1939 support for large vehicles (Busses, Boats, Plant equipment, etc) – Select the protocol from the vehicle profile settings to use it
* Update to fix some non-obd compliant nissan ECUs as well as others ECUs that may cause to report \’No PIDs available\’
* Totaliser (and averaging, etc) equations now have the ability to save their \’learned\’ data as part of the PID definition
* Fix difficult to reproduce hang in profile activity when exiting and the handset has a problematic bluetooth driver
* Added IEEE-754 float functions – 4 byte FLOAT32(A:B:C:D) and 8 byte FLOAT64(A:B:C:D:E:F:G:H)
* Added 16 & 32bit unsigned int function – INT16(A:B) and INT32(A:B:C:D) – INT16(A:B) can be used in place of (A*255)+B
* {A:1} bitwise operator notation deprecated and replaced with BIT(A:1) function
* PID editor now keeps the screen on when editing (and more importantly, when using the the ‘test’ button)
* Added LOOKUP() and CLOSEST() functions (documentation to appear in wiki shortly)
* Fixed a crash in the graphing activity when used with android versions less than 3
* Added INT24(A:B:C) function (in next beta update)
* Update tile server with fresh maps (map widget)
* Scale map widget graphic up on high dpi handsets
* Fix temperature notification message not resetting
* Fix ANR when power-disconnected received (in-dashboard settings)
* Change to point at new theme server
* Add support for generic BLE serial connections
* Add new extended information activity to adapter information screen
* Fix a centering problem with text on a few screens
* Added MAX(x:y) and MIN(x:y) functions. Max returns the greater of x or y, and min returns the smaller of x or y
* Fix titles in O2 graph display showing wrong title (stuck on sensor one) when in fact it was showing a different sensor
* Update the ‘choose bluetooth device’ dialog to be more intuitive and easier to see when you have a lot of bluetooth devices paired (or BLE devices in range)
* Equation editor no longer shows the error popup over the currently editing area if the equation is multi-line
* ‘Add Display’ menu now uses more decimal places for some PIDs(sensors) when previewing to avoid rounding
* Updated status icons in starting screen
* Add drag coefficient to vehicle profile settings (advanced)
* Add vehicle ‘type’ to vehicle profile settings
* Add different icons for trucks, minivans, bikes, boats, plant, etc
* Update adapter benchmark activity with new options and graphs
* Fix a timeout issue with the new BLE code
* UI updates to the vehicle profile

Changes in 1.8.178
* Updated bluetooth adapter selection process to prevent a hang
* Fix for hang on screen resume
* Workaround for KiwiBLE device scan hanging in the app settings on some devices
* Trip reset no longer resets long term mpg average
* Fix Twitter logging support
* Fix issue where app would incorrectly warn no bluetooth device was paired when a WiFi, USB, or TTY device was being used
* No longer allows auto scanning for dtcs when using the Ford bugged ECU workaround option in the settings to prevent triggering the ECU bug in a small number of year 2001 F1/250s
* Added M3D ECU extended PIDs to PID editor

Posts: 1661
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 4, 2017 (GMT)

It’s bad that you deleted the list of changes made earlier,
I often turned to him to remember all the possibilities of the program

Posts: 6629
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 5, 2017 (GMT)

That’s what the wiki is supposed to be for (ie: I need to update it)

I’ll get sorted on that one once I’ve finished this beta update, and start doing some more documentation for the features in it (something I’m not very good at doing)

I’ll also see if I can pull the info from the backups as well (the changelog was a bit of a mess for the sticky thread, and needed a ton of stuff cleaning out)

Posts: 1661
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 5, 2017 (GMT)

Thank you!

Posts: 10
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 8, 2017 (GMT)

Oh man, unsigned INT and FLOAT and the Bitwise fix… YESSSS!! I love this upcoming update 😀

Posts: 2
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: January 29, 2018 (GMT)

HI, I was just wonder if you would be able to help or advice who could help.

I’m happy user of OBD2BT with Torque Pro, it works fantastic but…

I would like to replace my standard OEM LCD in front of dash in my Honda Accord with 7″ Tablet … and what would be missing to achieve this, is missing status of TEMP (Dual), FAN Speed, Position Status. AIR COn Status ON/OFF… all of it is art of OEM LCD

Is there any way to write/develope a pieace of code and add as plugin/widget to Torque PRO for Honda Accord 2011 in landscape mode so it would be visible fully on the bottom of the screen, (pls check attachment)

Is it possible to get this values from ODB2 and create such a plugin :)?

Much appreciate for your support and advice

Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: February 2, 2018 (GMT)

I am not able to connect obd what to do?

I am using car since last 20 years. I think OBD2 will be useful to me.
Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: March 5, 2018 (GMT)

How do you view the logs?

Posts: 2
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: May 19, 2018 (GMT)

Please add cylinder head temperature (CHT) parameter, I very need. Thanks

Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: August 9, 2018 (GMT)

Hello need latest version

Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: August 27, 2018 (GMT)

How do update my pro version to the latest ver

Posts: 4
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: September 4, 2018 (GMT)

Testing to see if I can actually post to the forum…

Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: September 18, 2018 (GMT)

Quote from Fabarker on August 27, 2018
How do update my pro version to the latest ver

Posts: 3
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: September 18, 2018 (GMT)

Hello friends. sorry for my bad english. There are 2 settings I want to do in RPM and km / h. the pointer flashes when I set the maximum and minimum warning settings from the settings. I would like to do it as color change instead of flashing it.
for example; 0-2000 RPM Green
               2000-3000 RPM blue
               3000- more RPM red
what code do I need to change in order to make this setting?

Thank you for help..

Posts: 1661
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 3, 2018 (GMT)

Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 5, 2017 (GMT) piemmm
That’s what the wiki is supposed to be for (ie: I need to update it)
I’ll get sorted on that one once I’ve finished this beta update, and start doing some more documentation for the features in it (something I’m not very good at doing)
I’ll also see if I can pull the info from the backups as well (the changelog was a bit of a mess for the sticky thread, and needed a ton of stuff cleaning out)

a year has passed but nothing has changed!

Posts: 6
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 11, 2018 (GMT)

Fix trip time? No longer displays minutes and seconds, only seconds.

Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 25, 2018 (GMT)

Please forgive my ignorance. I’ve had your software for a while for my 03 Grand Cherokee. In the past, think using Torque, I made some changes to my computer. I am wondering if there is a way to do a general reset to get my computer back to original. I may have made it sick.

M Assagaf
Posts: 1
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 26, 2018 (GMT)

Quote from bira on December 11, 2018
Fix trip time? No longer displays minutes and seconds, only seconds.

dear sir,

Sorry to interupt you all, I want to ask about the plugins ACHSPress. Is it default from torque pro or should I downloaded frim others?

Thanks before…

Posts: 2
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: December 27, 2018 (GMT)

after the update ist hard to conect the Elm wifi dongel. just in the first 30seconds after boot and not Always. even i miss the map sensor. ist a 2001 BMW e39 540i.

Posts: 2
Post Re: Torque Changelog
on: January 29, 2019 (GMT)

Quote from Fabarker on August 27, 2018
How do update my pro version to the latest ver

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