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Author Topic: GM Hybrid
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Post GM Hybrid
on: October 22, 2012 (GMT)

I have a Tahoe Hybrid that I am working on cracking the Mode 22 custom PIDs to access the hybrid system data. I have a few that are very close to being accurate…I am just testing them now and will post them here as I figure them out.

Curious if anybody else has been working on these?

Or does anybody have XGauge data that we could convert?

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: October 25, 2012 (GMT)

Here are some I have found so far… others still in testing.
These should work for all Hybrid Tahoe, Silverado, Escalade and Yukon…not sure about any other GM Hybrids…but it may work for them as well.

Hybrid Battery Current
Mode & PID: 2240D2
Min: -100
Max: 100
Unit Type: Amps
Equation: ((SIGNED(A)*256)+B/20

Hybrid Battery State Of Charge
Mode & PID: 222411
Min: 0
Max: 100
Unit Type: %
Equation: A*100/255

Hybrid Battery Pack Calculated Volts
Mode & PID: 2240FE
Min: 240
Max: 360
Unit Type: Volts
Equation: ((A*256)+B)/10

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: March 24, 2017 (GMT)

I’m having troubles getting these to work. Has anyone been able to get these working?

UPDATE: I got these working. The header needs to be set at 7E7.

I’d like to take 100% credit for this … but I would not have gotten them to work without Capp777’s help.

Also, the first PID’s equation has one too many “(” or is missing a “)” at the end. Your choice.

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: March 26, 2017 (GMT)

For others, here is what worked for me as provided by Torque’s export. Note that 7E7 is required to operate properly:
“Name”, “ShortName”, “ModeAndPID”, “Equation”, “Min Value”, “Max Value”, “Units”, “Header”, “startDiagnostic”, “stopDiagnostic”, “Scale”
“1 Hybrid Battery Current”,”HBAmps”,”0x2240d2″,”(SIGNED(A)*256)+B/20″,-100,100,”Amps”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Pack Volts”,”HBVolts”,”0x2240fe”,”((A*256)+B)/10″,240,360,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery SOC”,””SOC””,”0x222411″,”A*100/255″,0,100,”%”,”7E7″,””,””,1

Note that the max & min values for Hybrid Battery Amps will likely get changed. The actual amps look like thy charge up to about -2,000 Amps but I have not really spent any time to determine the actual. Also, it looks like the display is negative when charging and positive when using energy from the Hybrid Battery. If that does not work for you, I think you can multiply the equation by “-1” to invert it.

As noted elsewhere, when you lightly touch the brake pedal, it increases the charge rate (from about 200Amps to about 1,200 Amps…but is hard to get a good handle on the actual amount do to varying driving variables). I don’t yet know the PID that could be tracked. It may be that the system monitors the brake pedal switch. So many things to do/learn.

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: March 29, 2017 (GMT)

Here are the PIDS I’m using for the Tahoe Hybrid (it is the contents of the custom PID .csv file). Many of these have been tested … but not all. Also, the min & max may not be set optimally.

“Name”, “ShortName”, “ModeAndPID”, “Equation”, “Min Value”, “Max Value”, “Units”, “Header”, “startDiagnostic”, “stopDiagnostic”, “Scale”
“1 Hybrid Battery 1 (Volts)”,”BV01″,”2240e4″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 2 (Volts)”,”BV02″,”2240e5″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 3 (Volts)”,”BV03″,”2240e6″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 4 (Volts)”,”BV04″,”22410b”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 5 (Volts)”,”BV05″,”22410c”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 6 (Volts)”,”BV06″,”22410d”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 7 (Volts)”,”BV07″,”2240f0″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 8 (Volts)”,”BV08″,”2240f1″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 9 (Volts)”,”BV09″,”2240f2″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 10 (Volts)”,”BV10″,”2240f3″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″”,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 11 (Volts)”,”BV11″,”2240f4″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 12 (Volts)”,”BV12″,”2240f5″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 13 (Volts)”,”BV13″,”2240f6″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 14 (Volts)”,”BV14″,”2240f7″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 15 (Volts)”,”BV15″,”2240f8″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 16 (Volts)”,”BV16″,”2240f9″,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 17 (Volts)”,”BV17″,”2240fa”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 18 (Volts)”,”BV18″,”2240fb”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 19 (Volts)”,”BV19″,”2240fc”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery 20 (Volts)”,”BV20″,”2240fd”,”A/10″,6,20,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Cell Temperature Average (Degrees F)”,”CTA”,”222417″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Cell Temperature Maximum (Degrees F)”,”MAX”,”222416″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Cell Temperature Minimum (Degrees F)”,”MIN”,”222417″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Charge Power Available (kW)”,”CPA”,”2240ef”,”(((A*256)+B)*(1/10)/100)”,-20,100,”kW”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Current”,”HBAmps”,”2240d2″,”((A*(100/20)+0)/100)”,-70,70,”Amps”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Discharge Power Available (kW)”,”DPA”,”2240ee”,”(((A*256)+B)*(1/10)/100)”,-20,50,”kW”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Inlet Air Temperature (Degrees F)”,”BIT”,”224107″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Module 1 Temperature (Degrees F)”,”M1T”,”2240d7″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Module 2 Temperature (Degrees F)”,”M2T”,”2240d9″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-25,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Module 3 Temperature (Degrees F)”,”M3T”,”2240db”,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Module 4 Temperature (Degrees F)”,”M4T”,”2240dd”,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Outlet Air Temperature (Degrees F)”,”BOT”,”224109″,”(A*(9/5)-40)”,-20,150,”°F”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Pack Calculated (Volts)”,” BPV”,”2240fe”,”(((A*256)+B)/10)”,0,400,”Volts”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery Pack Fan (RPM)”,”FAN”,”2240e7″,”(A*(25/1)/10)”,0,2000,”RPM”,”7E7″,””,””,1
“1 Hybrid Battery SOC (%)”,”SOC”,”222411″,”(A*(100/255)/1)”,35,90,”SOC”,”7E7″,””,””,1

Update: Deleted Battery 21 & 22. There are 20 battery packs(blocks). The voltage per pack has max block voltage of 17.88V and a minimum block voltage of 12V per details from:

UPDATE: Ranges have been changed but they may not yet be optimal.


Note: Including the “1” in front of the Name makes it sort high in the Torque selection list

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: December 23, 2019 (GMT)


Would you happen to have this in a CSV file to you would share? I have a gmc Yukon and would love to use it. I am not good with computer formula stuff. So I am afraid I may mess it up. It would be much appreciated.

Let me know.

Thanks, Paul

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: December 23, 2019 (GMT)

i pasted the text into notepad
and then used excel to open the files
i then ask if you want to create a CSV file
just not one 100% if the styled “” will work

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Post Re: GM Hybrid
on: December 23, 2019 (GMT)

Thanks, moreause

I will give it a try.

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