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Author Topic: Ford PIDs
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Post Re: Ford PIDs
on: February 14, 2011 (GMT)

Quote from admin on February 14, 2011, 13:24
That’s pretty close to working looking at the debug! I’ll need to have a look at it properly tonight as I can see a small issue with whats coming through there (Are you on version 1.4.5?)

I’ll get TFT working properly real soon now I can partially see what is going on!

Yes, that’s with 1.4.5.

Obviously I don’t know exactly what your debug messages mean b/c I don’t have the source so I can only make guesses.

1297338190155 7E9056216740478
1297338190214 –> +7E8037F2231

It seems like it is filtering to the PCM’s response with the 7F in it when it should be filtering to the TCM’s response with 6216740478.

It works fine with oil temp, which comes from the PCM, but still have issue with data coming from the TCM.

Thanks for putting so much effort in to this! If you want, I can send you some logs from just using an ELM and Hyperterminal.

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Post Re: Ford PIDs
on: May 12, 2018 (GMT)

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble with the EOT engine oil temp PID. I am not getting anything when I try to connect. My Transmission temperature works fine and a lot of other PIDs work too. I have the Ford PIDs downloaded. So, can anyone give me a hint as to why I am not getting any data with PID 221310? I tried PID 220907 and nothing either. I must be doing something wrong?

I have a Ford Falcon FG Mk2 XR6 4.0 Litre Auto ZF 6 Speed. I am using a generic 7″ Android Tablet with Torque App and a Bluetooth OBDLink LX adapter.
Cheers, Mick

Ford Falcon XR6 FG Mk2 n/a Auto

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