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Author Topic: adding wiring pinouts
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Post adding wiring pinouts
on: March 16, 2023 (GMT)

has anyone seen a scanner that lets you show signals on module pinouts … like, displaying the voltage on BCM pin 25 [which for instance may control the rear locks on a particular vehicle]? i know some scanners can command voltages to the locks,,, so cant they read that command???

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Post Re: adding wiring pinouts
on: March 16, 2023 (GMT)

Are you talking about voltmeters?

OBDII scanners have only purpose to talk to car blocks/ECUs over OBDII interface. It is strictly standartized and can do only that. what car manufacturer implemented in its car OBDII interface, so it really depends on car what you can get.
Some parameters are obligatory for OBDII, and some are custom parameters, implemented by car manufacturers. Information about parameters is not free – e.g. BMW wants you to pay 80k$ per year, and you have to sign NDA, so even if someone bought this information – it will never make it public (as noone wants to deal with BMW lawsuits).
So there are enthusiasts, that decode this information that can be retrieved e.g. over dealer scanners (we are talking about hardware+software costs beginning from 3k$ …) and make it public, but this really depends on amount of these enthusiasts having particular car model.

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