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Author Topic: Toyota RAV4 O2 Sensors
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Post Toyota RAV4 O2 Sensors
on: November 7, 2022 (GMT)

Hi, I have a RAV4 2006 with 1AZ-FE engine (2000cc 152Hp) gasoline.
The engine doesen’t run well, the engine is “new”, new valves, new elastic blands,ecc. Ther injector are good, the sparks the same (new). The only parts old are le lamnda and the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter I think that works because is not damage and become at 600°C.
On the Torque there are this data:
– O2 Sensor 1 Voltage: always 0,95V
– O2 Sensor 1 Wide Range: 3.5-4.5V
– 02 Sensor 1 Wide Range Current: 0,100 to 0,250
– O2 Sensor 2 Voltage: 0 (no mesured)
– O2 Sensor 2 Wide Range: (no mesured)
– 02 Sensor 2 Wide Range Current: 0,100

I read on forum that the voltage of the first lambda must change from 0 to 1V about every 2 seconds, the second lambda after cataytics must change from 0,4 to 0,6v every 2 seconds.
But I dont read this value.
Can i do some test? I think that teh first lamba doesent works fine and the second is dead. Thank you.

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Post Re: Toyota RAV4 O2 Sensors
on: November 7, 2022 (GMT)

don’t know the specific of your car

but your data name raise question

there are 2 type on O2 sensor

in the old days narrow band 0 to 1 v
it’s mostly an on off value below 14.7 afr equal 0V over 14.7 afr equal 1v (short story)
so at idle or normal driving the car will play around the value all the time a but low a bit high to confirm is’t position

and now you have wide band o2 sensor that adjust voltage on AFR
from around 10 to 20 afr

not sure if you have a narrow or wide band sensor
when you have a wide band ….
the 0-1 v will not move since it’s none existant

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