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Author Topic: can't link up Torque to ECU
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Post cant get bt to see software
on: May 20, 2022 (GMT)

Can anyone think of anything obvious I am missing please? i changed my car for a 2001 Bentley Arnage and although I thought it worked at first, I now can’t get the software [v.1.2.22] to see the adapter.

BT in the car does see the VLink OBD11 adapter. Torque flashes its BT adapter in the top right of the screen as if it knows what to look for (it isn’t looking for wifi) and where to look but the two dont see each other! EVENTUALLY Torque reports that it cant connect to the adapter.

I even tried changing the adapter for another one a VGate iCar Pro, which BT also identifies similarly; and to which it similarly can’t connect either, whether with the on/off button on ON or OFF.

(When I changed car, I wasn’t told of any need to give a password to link up the adapter to the software, – again. Should I have been told to tune in the adapter to Torque again or pair it with the car’s BT again?)

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Post Re: can
on: May 22, 2022 (GMT)

Prolly not the correct answer but..when that happened to me I tried multiple Bt and wifi adapters without being able to connect to the torque pro problem was my vehicles ECU had went out and I needed to put in a new ECU..

But you can try to do a hard ECU reset and see if that helps you..
Just disconnect the negative terminal from the vehicles battery and run a short wire from the negative to the positive terminals on your battery,after like 30 mins or more your ECU should be drained of all its stored power and factory reset,and clear all stored fault codes.hopefully ur ECU resets and works 4 ya good luck…YouTube it for more detailed instructions for ur vehicle type..or just junkyard a new ECU
And no u shouldn’t have to repair the device if its been paired to that just have to when you pair the adapter to new devices

George Hackney..Pro Mechanic for over 20 years.loved the free app for a few years.and then the free lite app for a few years..
Thx for your hard work to all who make this possible…Thanks 4 the app!
It’s Badass!
Every mechanic needs this Tool in the Box!

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Post Re: Hope this isnt too obvious
on: May 27, 2022 (GMT)

Well i have now been formally advised by the manufacturer that if the adapter isnt seen by my phone’s bt screen when I turn my ignition on, get my money back on the adapter! which is,I suppose, easy for him to say 9 months to a year after I bought it!

Can anyone please recommend a dongle which won’t die please? I have seen reports of people getting up to 5 of these things before plugging in one that works! I have now had a ELM27 off eBay which died and now these VGate iCar2 and Vlink Pro models which dont seem to work! They seemed to die as soon as I changed cars!

I now desperately need to know what the check engine light means in conjunction with 8MPG and a SERVICE ENGINE warning appearing on my DIP unit. I’m sure Torque would tell me this!

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Post Re: can
on: May 28, 2022 (GMT)

Sounds like the problem is your Android device can’t talk to the BT obd dongle.
Do you able to pair the bt adapter ?
Icar pro bt is good but it is more expensive than those elm327 adapter,
I’m using vgate wifi.

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Post Re: Device ISN'T seen!
on: June 3, 2022 (GMT)

Curiouser and curiouser! The device simply isnt seen by the scanner.

I plugged it into another car and ran a scan on my phone and it was seen immediately!

(Sorry for saying earlier “BT in the car does see the VLink OBD11 adapter”. Clearly the reason it flashes at the top of the Torque screen is because the adapter ISN’T sending out a BT signal!)

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