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Author Topic: App does not exit/close
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Post App does not exit/close
on: March 2, 2022 (GMT)


Noticed the app does not fully close on exit on android (12)

When open:
– App button shows activity with notification icon ?
– App shows in running services
– App shows in open apps view

When exit:
– App button no longer shows notification icon ?
– App no longer shows in running services
– App shows still shows in open apps view, with last visible view.
When selecting the app from the open apps view, it will reopen.
When swiping up, the app will disappear and actually close

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Post Re: App does not exit/close
on: March 2, 2022 (GMT)

If it’s just the “snapshot” showing you mean, I think it’s just that, a snapshot of the program, it’s not actually running.

So it seems to behave like all other programs?

I might misunderstand though.

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Post Re: App does not exit/close
on: March 2, 2022 (GMT)


The app is closed.

The snapshot view is simply a list of historic activities (running and not running – there’s no state implied in this view as android will manage that transparently)

Androids lifecycle does not explicity terminate any app when a user ‘navigates away’ from it – it is entirely down to the OS in most situations on whether or not the VM actually terminates (most of the time it will leave it running in the background in case you navigate back to the app at a later time).

Lots of people initially with android, not understanding how the OS managed apps, used task managers to force-quit apps. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do in android and will nearly always cause problems as the app is terminated without being shutdown properly by android (this can lead to such gems like half-written configuration files, corrupted data, and so forth). Do not use task managers on android, they are not needed and the OS should be left to manage the app lifecycle itself

When Torque is quit however using the quit option in the app main screen, a System.exit() is called on the VM running the app, which does shutdown the app properly, when it has finished saving data and the state.

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