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Author Topic: Suzuki Pids
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Post Re: Suzuki Pids
on: March 5, 2022 (GMT)

Quote from admin on February 5, 2022

Can you try the latest .52 update released today (I also can’t access the drive link if you were sharing stuff so I could test with) – this fixes an issue with diagnostic start/stop and custom init where long lines are used (\n) to separate commands
I’m reasonably confident that this fixes a lot of issues that people may have been having

Hello! and sorry that you can’t access my drive because I put wrong account
and here the link

and thank you for the help!

Suzuki Ertiga
Toyota all new Avanza 2018
Kingbolen elm327 v1.4 bluetooth.

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Post Re: Suzuki Pids
on: March 5, 2022 (GMT)


Ok – just to catch up with the state of play now (as there have been several releases since)

With the latest version you are still having issues? or is this now working for you? :)

If it’s not working still, I may need a debug to progress further from the app – you’ll need to setup so that the displays for the affected PIDs are visible:

* Start torque, go into the special settings and turn enable debugging on

* Quit and restart Torque (this sets up a clean debug file)

* Go to the ‘realtime information’ screen which is showing the affected displays – let the app connect and try to pull data for about 30 seconds

* Press gear/menu->send debugging information and put your forum name in the box that pops up (so I can search for the debug)

* Let me know when you’ve done this so I know to look for it and I’ll see what’s up!

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