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Author Topic: Having trouble with Torque Pro and PX6 Tesla style stereo
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Post Having trouble with Torque Pro and PX6 Tesla style stereo
on: June 25, 2020 (GMT)

I’m trying to make Torque Pro work with a PX6 Tesla style radio in my 2018 Ram 1500 truck.

This is the radio:

This is the cable I’m using:

I’ve purchased and installed Torque Pro.

First, every time I start up Torque, the unit asks me if it’s OK for Torque to use the USB port, even though I have checked the “don’t ask me this again” box many times.

Second, it forgets the screens I set up. I put a handful of dials on a screen so they look good in split screen mode on the display, and at least a couple times now, when I’ve started Torque up, there are no dials. Not the ones that were there by default, and not the ones I put there.

Third, and most importantly, after a time, some of the dials just stop working. Speedo and tach are two examples. When I start the truck and get Torque running, both work fine, and all is good. Then at some point, they just stop. I believe the tach starts showing “No Data” and the speedo just stays stuck on a speed, and never changes till I shut off the truck for a while and restart everything. After this happens, I’ve checked the Adapter Status screen and have 0 for both error types. I’ve tried it with the Faster Connection Seed checked and the slower speed connection checked (can’t remember the exact wording) as well as with neither of them checked. I’ve not played with the connection speed at all.

Any advice for any or all of these? Gotta say, it’s kinda useless to me unless I can fix at lest the second and third things.

Thanks for any help…

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