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Author Topic: Toyota Hilux 1GD-FTV Engine Custom PID
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Post Toyota Hilux 1GD-FTV Engine Custom PID
on: June 15, 2020 (GMT)

Hi all,
I’m looking to find other extra PID for this model.
Thx to some data for Prius etc, I was able to find 2101 PIDs but I’m still looking for Rail Pressure or Engine Oil Temp & Pressure, Fuel flow, etc.
Does anyone have extra info please ?
Protocol is ISO-15765 on this ‘new’ engine & ATM.
Thx you.

Name,ShortName,ModeAndPID,Equation,Min Value,Max Value,Units,Header,
_Engine Load,Eng Load,2101,A*100/255,0,100,%,,
_Mass Air Flow,Eng MAF,2101,(B*256+C)/100,0,160,gm/sec,,
_Engine Inlet Pressure,Inlet P,2101,D/100,0,2,bar,,
_Engine Air Temp,Air Temp,2101,E-40,0,40,C,,
_Engine Air Temp 2,Air Temp 2?,2101,F-40,0,40,C,,
_Engine Atm Pressure,Atm P,2101,G/100,0,2,bar,,
_Engine Coolant Temp,Coolant,2101,H-40,0,120,C,,
_Engine Rpm,Rpm,2101,(I*64)+J*63/255),0,4000,RPM,,
_Vehicle Speed,Speed,2101,K,0,160,km/h,,
_Engine Run Time,Run Time,2101,(L*256+M)/60,0,180,min,,
_Throttle Relative Position,Throttle,2101,N*100/255,0,100,%,,
_Pedal A Position,Pedal A,2101,O*100/255,0,100,%,,
_Pedal B Position,Pedal B,2101,P*100/255,0,100,%,,
_Q 2101,Q 2101,2101,Q,0,255,,,
_R 2101,R 2101,2101,R,0,255,,,
_S 2101,S 2101,2101,S,0,255,,,
_T 2101,T 2101,2101,T,0,255,,,
_U 2101,U 2101,2101,U,0,255,,,
_V 2101,V 2101,2101,V,0,255,,,
_W 2101,W 2101,2101,W,0,255,,,
_X 2101,X 2101,2101,X,0,255,,,
_Y 2101,Y 2101,2101,Y,0,255,,,
_Z 2101,Z 2101,2101,Z,0,255,,,
_AA 2101,AA 2101,2101,AA,0,255,,,
_AB 2101,AB 2101,2101,AB,0,255,,,
_AC 2101 Oil T?,AC 2101,2101,AC-40,0,255,,,
_AD 2101,AD 2101,2101,AD,0,255,,,
_Tension T,Tension T,2101,(T*256+U)/1000,0,16,V,,
_Tension U,Tension U,2101,(U*256+V)/1000,0,16,V,,
_Tension V,Tension V,2101,(V*256+W)/1000,0,16,V,,
_Tension W,Tension W,2101,(W*256+X)/1000,0,16,V,,
_Transmission Temp (T/M),TM Temp,2182,A-40,0,120,C,,
_Transmission Temp (T/C),TC Temp,2182,C-40,0,120,C,,

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