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Author Topic: Question about "Still uploading logs..."
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Post Question about "Still uploading logs..."
on: June 10, 2020 (GMT)


I’d purchased torque pro and I’ve used it in a number of cars. Lately I’ve been having problems uploading or viewing the logs. I used my old account and email address for uploading the logs to the webserver, and had it set as described in other articles on this site, and just like it was in previous cars.

Every time I exit torque it says it’s still uploading logs, and if I leave it on that screen and connected to mobile data it continues to upload, but the number of log entries actually increases. It seems to be logging even when it’s not connected to the vehicle anymore and while it is uploading, which is strange, because I have “Only While OBDII Connected” selected in the settings. So because this puts the software into a perpetual loop, where it will continue to upload logs even overnight, I have to abort uploading the logs to save network bandwidth on the mobile device.

So I have two questions, first, is there a way to fix the data logging upload? Secondly, I’d read sort of a rumor that there may be a way to manually upload the logs to the server, is that still possible?

I’m also having trouble with the map view not displaying the location track, I added the GPS location PIDs to the log hoping that fixes the map view widget.

Any help would be appreciated. This is otherwise great software, notwithstanding the server connectivity issues. Thank you.

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