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Author Topic: No Fault Codes is a Bad Thing
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Post No Fault Codes is a Bad Thing
on: May 10, 2020 (GMT)

Hi All, I’m new here and looking for a little assistance. I’m using the fully paid for version of Torque and am trying to identify a fault on my wife’s Skoda Karoq Diesel during this lockdown, ready for when I can take it to the dealer.

The fault is that the car is supposed to have manoeuvre braking i.e. the parking brakes come on as soon as the vehicle stops and releases when you drive off. However, it isn’t doing that at the moment (it stopped working a couple of months ago). The car went for a scheduled service and I pointed out the fault at check-in but the Technician didn’t find anything wrong and it was working correctly when I picked the car up. I assume that it cleared when they plugged in their kit.

Needless to say, the fault is back. I plugged in my OBDII dongle and looked for codes using Torque but none were found. Is it likely that there is a VAG proprietary that they can see on their own kit but I can’t see via Torque?



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Post Re: No Fault Codes is a Bad Thing
on: May 10, 2020 (GMT)

obdii is at it’s base an anti pollution system

other system are sometime inserted into it for ease but not all the time

like my car as now a mechanic key that appear instead of the engine logo, these one are not reported by a standard obdii app

and i have seen abs issue , trigger the check engine light, but not being reported by a simple obdii app

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