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Author Topic: Feature requests
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Post Re: Feature requests
on: February 1, 2024 (GMT)

Please add the ability to set the ATRD command as a PID. Sometimes there is a need to use data from the data buffer.
Alternatively, the PID itself can be set in the Diagnostic Start Commands line, and the response can be read from the data buffer using the ATRD command.

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Post Re: Feature requests
on: February 15, 2024 (GMT)

I have one of those bluetooth insurance devices that track speed over 80 mph, night driving and “hard” (-8mph/sec) braking. Would love to have Torque Pro report in real time and perhaps even beep or something as you get close to the limits, ie beep at 76 mph, etc.

More importantly, I can’t use the phone’s accelerometer for measuring hard braking, it is too jittery. I’d like an option for “calculated” acceleration where Torque Pro looks at the speed data on the OBDII port (which the insurance device is generating all the time since it is checking this) and then subtracts the two numbers to give a reading. IE if it is 70 mph then 65 mph the next second later, then that is -5 mph/sec (you could also set a beeper at say -6 mph/sec to warn you are getting close to your “hard” braking limit.

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