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Author Topic: Repeating Freeze Frames
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Post Repeating Freeze Frames
on: September 14, 2019 (GMT)

It’s my understanding that Torque records a freeze frame snapshot when a DTC is set.

I have four codes (one pending) yet have 25 freeze frames…. maybe more… I gave up after frame 25.

The reason I gave up is most freeze frames are identical.

I pulled them all on the same day. Lots of data, but this is how I am telling them apart.

Frame 00
Run time: 8s
RPM: 1409

Frame 01 through 15
Run time: 423s
RPM: 1604

Frame 16 through 25
Run time: 424s
RPM: 1612

Why does Torque create so many duplicate freeze frame pages?

Why does Torque not notate what code and / or date the freeze frame was recorded?

Thanks for any input.

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Post Re: Repeating Freeze Frames
on: September 15, 2019 (GMT)

I will likewise find responses from “the smart guys” instructive. I’m not sure why you are seeing 25 – as I had no idea that many could be saved.

HOWEVER. Torque Pro is not creating them. It only reads Freeze Frame Data from the PCM, who – stores the snapshot of various parameters at the instant a DTC is set. What throws me, is I’ve never seen more than three on my vehicle, and I ‘_ASSUMED_” the PCM stored them because of multiple DTC occurrences.

But 25 ???? How many is it capable of storing? Might be vehicle dependent.



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Post Re: Repeating Freeze Frames
on: September 15, 2019 (GMT)

It may even store or see more than 25… like I said, after 25 I just kinda quit looking.

What I am doing to find them is just keep hitting “next frame” and it brings up the next with a new number. I was sending each one individually via e-mail to myself. When I started putting them into a spreadsheet I began to notice the duplications.

Maybe I will clear the codes and see if I can track the freeze frame better / quicker when codes pop back up.

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