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Author Topic: Toyota Tacoma Misfire PID
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Post Toyota Tacoma Misfire PID
on: September 11, 2019 (GMT)

To be honest… I am still trying to understand how to create custom PID’s.

But I would like to be able to monitor all cylinder misfires in real time.

I know, or think I know, the monitors are the following:

MID$A2 = cylinder 1
MID$A3 = cylinder 2
MID$A4 = cylinder 3
MID$A5 = cylinder 4
MID$A6 = cylinder 5
MID$A7 = cylinder 6

I am open to being directed to the process for creating PID’s for individual sensors if anyone has any links.


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Post Re: Toyota Tacoma Misfire PID
on: September 15, 2019 (GMT)

You might take a look at this post.

Keep in mind, I worked this dashboard out on a 2004 Ford F150 5.4L 3 valve Triton. SO all bets are off as for PIDs matching up on your vehicle (and I doubt it).

HOWEVER. You will note the individual PID accumulators are accessed with Torque using “MODE/PID” starting with ’06’ instead of the usual mode ’01’ or ’22’. This technique was developed on the ‘off chance’ that the ECU would just run the Mode 06 report and then Torque Pro would read the bytes where the results are stored for the Mode 06 report. IT WORKED and works perfectly on my Ford. You can see any misfires accumulate in REAL TIME. Whether this will work or not on a different vehicle – I have no idea. But – maybe Mode 06 responses are more standard across vehicles than PID assignments. —- LETS HOPE —-



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Post Re: Toyota Tacoma Misfire PID
on: September 15, 2019 (GMT)

scan PIDs using the Torque Scan plugin for address 700

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