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Author Topic: torque csv logs screwed up
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Post torque csv logs screwed up
on: October 13, 2011 (GMT)


I have plenty of logfiles, and a good chunk of them are corrupted. Sometimes the first line doesn’t contain all of the fields the next lines will contain, sometimes some lines will have less or more fields than the first line, and so on.

I’ve noticed a thread around pointing to a corrupted SD card. That’s unlikely since it’s as new as the phone itself and that makes is very improbable (less than 2 months of usage).

I understand the FS in the card may be corrupted as well due to battery pulls, etc, but I don’t remember any at the time I was capturing those files.

All I can say is I have 6 csv files which errors, and I’m guessing it may have to do with Torque not *always* writing them correctly. The represent about 10% of the data I’ve collected.

Ian, if you want them, I’ll happily send them to you for debugging purposes. PM me your email and I’ll do so. They are only about 1,5MB.


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Post Re: torque csv logs screwed up
on: October 13, 2011 (GMT)


It doesn’t take 2 months to corrupt an FS on a new SD card, you can do it quite quickly (ie in the firts 5 minutes of owning it :-) – time is not the factor in this.

The main reason why SD cards in android get messed up is unplugging the USB lead to your host computer *without* un-mounting from the *host computer* (not android!) first. If you click the ‘disconnect usb storage’ button in android, first, instead of ejecting from your ‘windows/mac/linux’ box, then this problem can happen *very* easily!

Zip the logs up and if they’re small enough send to – I’ll have a look to see what’s going on to confirm it, but this does initially sound like the fs corruption issue another user had. Looking at the logs will show what’s going on

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Post Re: torque csv logs screwed up
on: October 9, 2021 (GMT)

My phone doesn’t have an external sd card. Can I change it to internal storage for the directory to use .cvs files?

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