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Author Topic: TORQUE andOBDLink MX warning
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Post TORQUE andOBDLink MX warning
on: May 19, 2019 (GMT)

I have the OBDLink MX and I paid for the TORQUE app for my phone, connected the OBDLink and paired.

Cool, lots of stuff to monitor, if you want. Lots of stuff you cannot see on you dashboard or with forscan is available. Again, thinking cool since I’m a mechanical guy… Useful, maybe not but to each his own.

Go for a drive and the following happens:
Pretty much every warning light that can come on and error that can pop up does:
– 911 not avail
– Sat Nav not avail
– Park sensor not avail
– Down hill descent not avail
You get the idea, a minute or two of hitting ok to get all these warnings off my dash screen,

Then of course I have a check engine line and wrench light.

Then while sitting at stop light, foot on brake behind a car (THIS IS DANGEROUS), the truck surges ahead like the accelerated was pushed in. I almost hit the car in front of me. Did it a few times on initial drive.
Got home safely without any insurance claims, some how….. Unplugged the monitor and all is now normal.
The transmission would slip a lot with that monitor and TORQUE program running, like you was suddenly in neutral, then clunk, back in gear.

This combo on my 2018 F350 6.7L is dangerous and almost caused accidents.
The list MX Link OBD plug in is one that is compatible but obviously not tested on my type of vehicle. I have one bluetooth OBD and one program, can’t say which is at fault but the two together is NOT RIGHT!!!!

I am only posting this hoping it will get fixed and prevent someone from damaging their transmission or getting into an accident. Will probably not log in again, deleted the app, and tossing the obd plug in. I didn’t pay 70k for a truck to have it damaged but a monitoring program or plug in.
I am not going to buy other plug in and keep testing, again, not worth it since I have a few years and 90K miles left on powertrain warranty…

Wished it would have worked, not the case.

2018 F350 6.7L CC LB 4×4 Lariant if it makes any difference…

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Post Re: TORQUE andOBDLink MX warning
on: May 19, 2019 (GMT)

I highly recommend you set your vehicles protocol
in the vehicle profile. The MX adapter has wire level
capabilities that the others do not.

I suspect an auto search for protocol may have
triggered your issues. Just a guess from what
other users have previously reported in this forum.

(Just another Torque Pro user).

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