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Author Topic: Misfire counts missing on one Toyota, but not another?
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Post Misfire counts missing on one Toyota, but not another?
on: April 7, 2019 (GMT)

Hello all,

Recently I’ve been trying to conclusively diagnose a misfire before spending hundreds of dollars on parts that might not be correct, and cannot seem to find/view the misfire count data on my car in the test page, or using the TorqueScan plugin. The vehicle in question is a US Market 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder with 5-speed manual, entirely stock.

The information I need on the MR2 shows immediately on my wife’s 2008 Toyota Prius WITHOUT adding the custom Prius PIDs, and running TorqueScan immediately returns a long list of responses on the Prius, but runs all the way through returning “NO DATA” For each value on the MR2. I can view live data such as engine RPM, temps, throttle position, fuel trims, ect. but no misfire counts.

Since the adapter I am using seems to work correctly and displays basically all the information I could ever need on the Prius and several other values for the MR2, I don’t think it is the problem, but just in case I’m using this one;

I suspect coils are the issue but would like to have current cycle misfire counts to test and confirm by viewing counts and attempting to recreate the condition or move the misfire on a cylinder that has not thrown a code before spending over 300$ on a new set.
Is there anything at all I can do to view this information?
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Post Re: Misfire counts missing on one Toyota, but not another?
on: July 17, 2020 (GMT)

Hi, is the problem solved ? I am having the same problem with my car. I have spent lot of money on parts yet unable to solve it. My car seems to be misfiring continuously and torque pro app reads the data. But how to solve it ? Not getting any idea.

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