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Author Topic: Emissions Readiness?
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Post Emissions Readiness?
on: February 28, 2019 (GMT)

Hi and thanks for looking at this.
In the box in Real Time Information for Emissions Readiness, and regardless of how long I have Torque running, under Catalyst, 02 Sensor and 02 sensor Heater it always says “Incomplete”.
Car is an 06 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXI+. My reason for using Torque is that I have a pulsating idle. This pulsating is perfectly rhythmic at 2 seconds high and 2 seconds low. It’s like an 02 sensor switching for mixture adjustment. The pulsating starts when the engine temperature is roughly 75 degrees. Then as the engine warms up the idle increases to a point where it’s pulsating at a high of 950 rpm and a low of 600. As the engine temperature reaches the point where the rad fan is about to come on the difference between high and low pulsating is reduced to 100 rpm. Then the fan comes on, the pulsating momentarily stops, idle is reduced to about 650 rpm and when the fan switches off the pulsating returns at between 650 and 950 rpm.
If I unplug 02 sensor 1 the pulsating stops and eventually the EML light on the dash lights up and there’s 2 fault codes. With the 02 plugged in there’s no fault codes yet there’s this pulsating idle.
If I unplug the EGR there is no difference in the pulsating idle but the “spanner” light on the dash lights up, plug the EGR back in and the light goes out.
So I’m just wondering if the “incomplete Emissions Readiness” is an indicator as to why I have this pulsating idle.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Post Re: Emissions Readiness?
on: February 28, 2019 (GMT)

I believe the monitors depend on enabling
criteria to execute. Maybe the monitors
you mention are not meeting that criteria.

Sounds like your problem begins when the
vehicle is in closed-loop control. You can
look in Test Results to watch O2 sensors.

Don’t forget to check for vacuum leaks.

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