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Author Topic: Does Ian read this forum?
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Post Does the author, Ian Hawkins, read this forum?
on: January 31, 2019 (GMT)

I have a feeling (again!), that the author of the great app Torque, Ian Hawkins, doesn’t read this forum. I do not see him posting since mid 2018, he even haven’t updated the “Torque Changelog” thread after update in GooglePlay in october 2018.

Does anyone know what is going on here? Did he abandon the development of this app? Or are there some reasons in his real life that prevent him to pay some attention to the community of Torque?

Please, Ian, tell us your plans for the future of Torque!

Thanks in advance,

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Post Re: Does Ian read this forum?
on: February 9, 2019 (GMT)

I would also like to ask the author of the project whether he will continue it?

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Post Re: Does Ian read this forum?
on: February 9, 2019 (GMT)

Quoting from @txbearsfan81 ‘s thread of April 24, 2017 (GMT)

Quote from txbearsfan81 on April 24, 2017
The Torque Pro app is absolutely amazing. It is an absolute steal at the price it is regularly offered at. Honestly, you are not charging enough for this app when you are only charging a “one time fee” of 5 – 10 dollars for it.

I poked my head in here from time to time over the past couple of years and the number of feature requests and compatibility requests (often for random and fairly rare vehicles, adapters and Operating Sytems) on this forum is absolutely mind blowing.

Requests like:

1. Requesting Torque to work with almost 20 year old vehicles (and a van at that) like this one – requesting the Transmission Fluid Temperature 2000 VW Eurovan

2. A request to get Torque to work with different adapters – such as – PLX Kiwi 3 adapter

3. Requesting features like getting torque to work with Google Chromecast.

These are only three of the types of requests the developer has to contend with. There are literally hundreds of these types of requests.

This amount of requests is enough to make anyone’s head spin. The requests go on and on and on and on.
I have a few questions for the community:

1. Does the app developer (Ean I think his name is) work alone developing the app?

2. Does the Torque developer have someone to help moderate this forum or does he just do it himself?

For the developer:

If you are working alone in developing the app and you do work alone moderating this forum, then I ask that you please get help. I would hate to see Torque die/become stagnant because of an understandably burnt out developer dealing with so much. It would be understandable if you got burnt out and called it quits.

Either volunteers could help you moderate this forum and develop the app for free to take some of the load off or you could hire some people. This is reasonable.

If you have to hire some people, please start charging a yearly fee for use of the app. Say, like 10 to 20 dollars per year.

You are also currently undercharging for this app. A one time charge of 5 dollars is no where near enough to help you with all the people throwing all this stuff at you, trying to keep up with it all and trying to please everyone. My head is spinning just reading all these requests and I don’t even moderate the forum, let alone work on the coding of the app.

Please charge more upfront for the Pro app – say like 30 to 40 dollars and/or start a yearly subscription fee so that you can hire the help you need to keep this forum answered and moderated as well as the Torque Pro app updated and compatible as newer things come out (adapters and Operating Systems etc.).

You have done such a wonderful job on this app so for but please get some help and start charging us regularly (or a lot more upfront) so that we can assist you.

Thank you



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