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Author Topic: Trip MPG average & miles-to-empty
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Post Trip MPG average & miles-to-empty
on: December 27, 2018 (GMT)

I’m looking for some straight-forward instructions on how to get my average mpg, trip-average mpg and my miles-to-empty back to reflecting accurate numbers. Initially, when I connected the BAFX OBD2 scanner to the Torque Pro, these numbers all looked good. But, the first time I filled up, all the numbers jumped to ridiculously large sums. It could have been my own attempt to reset min/max that screwed things up, I’m not sure and I haven’t figured anyway to get things back to normal. GPS mph is working fine and continues to be accurate, as are all other meter readings…as far as I can tell. It did appear that the numbers might be self-correcting the more miles I drove, but they never got close what they should have been before it was time for me to fill up again. I would like to have a choice of either (1) zero-ing everything out to start over whenever I fill up for local driving, or (2) keep a running average/tab/totals whenever I take a long road trip. Thanks to anyone who can advice me.

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