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Author Topic: Suddenly slow performance?
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Post Suddenly slow performance?
on: September 7, 2018 (GMT)

I have Torque Pro and was mainly using it to diagnose a misfire in an 05 Expedition using the Mode 06 data. I am using a generic ELM327 adapter via bluetooth that shows as getting 5-7 PIDs/sec in Torque.

When I first started using Torque Pro a few weeks ago, I could go to Test Results and it would take a little bit to refresh/load, but nothing too bad (maybe a minute or so). It showed the Mode 06 data count for misfires and I was able to find one on Cylinder #6.

Well, I fixed that but still feel a little stumble so I am now wanting to check the Mode 06 data again, but no matter what combination of settings i choose, it is load VERY slow. Very slow meaning it takes 20-25 MINUTES to load the test results data. It WILL eventually load, as I’ve started it during my commute and left it alone and it will eventually load, but since the misfire count is near the end, I have to wait the whole time.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, created a new profile, played with (I think) all the settings, and can’t get it to load fast again. If it never loaded quickly I would assume I have a junky Chinese ELM327 adapter and give up, but since it was loading all that data in 1 minute vs 30 minutes just a few weeks ago, I know it’s possible.

Any ideas?

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Post Re: Suddenly slow performance?
on: September 7, 2018 (GMT)

Some Mode 06 reports, such as individual cylinder misfire, just read contents of accumulators or counters stored in the PCM. Others invoke routines that dynamically query sensors or take instant sensor readings on the spot – such as O2 heater current, O2 sensor voltage readings, fuel tank pressure readings, EGR differential pressure readings, etc. Your observation makes me curious if you might be witnessing the PCM having difficulty reading certain sensors – and Torque is ‘hanging’ on some sort of a ‘wait’ delay time out from the PCM when the PCM can’t access a sensor?

I don’t have any idea what to suggest.

But a couple of things that come to mind relating to your issue.

FIRST: To obtain ‘real time’ misfire counts by individual cylinder, I came up with a live data dashboard that uses Mode 06 calls to obtain the contents of the PCM’s misfire accumulators where misfire information is stored for the Mode 06 TEST RESULTS. This might help in your diagnosing misfires.

SECOND: In our model Fords (yours included) there are a number of ‘FLAGS’ that the PCM maintains for what is called ‘FMEM’ (Failure Mode Effects Management) concerning many sensors and systems. ie: When something fails, say the Mass Air Flow sensor, the PCM uses other methods to keep the thing going – though perhaps much less efficiently. These flags are stored in two adjacent bytes that Torque Pro can read and display as you see fit. I have NOT been able to match and verify WHICH BIT CORRESPONDS EXACTLY TO WHICH condition, but I trust each condition represented and essentially I can tell you both bytes should be ZERO. None of the FMEM condition flags are set.

PID# 221106

bit0?… PCFM….. In Electronic pressure control failure mode
bit1?… MAFFM…. Mass Air Flow in FMEM mode (mfmflg)
bit2?… ECTF….. Engine Coolant Temperature Failure FMEM mode
bit3?… EGRFM…. EGR system in failure FMEM mode
bit4?… IATFM…. Intake Air Temperature Failure FMEM mode
bit5?… VSSFM…. Vehicle Speed Sensor Failure FMEM mode
bit6?… X?unk…. X?unk
bit7?… X?unk…. X?unk

PID# 221107

bit0?… CMPFM…. Camshaft Position Sensor Fault MFEM Mode
bit1?… OSSFM…. Transmission In Output shaft speed failure FMEM mode
bit2?… TFTFM…. Transmission oil temperature sensor failure FMEM mode
bit3?… TCCFM…. Torque Converter Clutch unlocked (FMEM) due to excessive slip
bit4?… O2S11_FL. HO2S11 Lack of switching failure
bit5?… O2S11FM.. Exhaust Gas O1 sensor failure
bit6?… O2S21_FL. HO2S21 Lack of switching failure
bit7?… O2S21FM.. Exhaust Gas O2 sensor failure

Hope this helps

If my suspicion proved correct, or if either of these bytes are NOT zero, I would be most interested in helping track the problem down and identifying or verifying/documenting any of the above flags.



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