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Author Topic: Shutting TorquePro down
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Post Shutting TorquePro down
on: July 12, 2018 (GMT)

First off, let me thank the TorquePro team for a fantastic product. I use it to monitor a 2005 C-class motor home with a 6.0 Powerstroke diesel (E450 chassis) and have a Galaxy S5 phone. I was going to get an Edge Insight, but they told me, flat-out, they don’t support the E450. With a little diligence and a lot of head scratching, I have most of what I want from TP, other than EGT. I monitor EOT, ECT, FICM voltage, TFT, battery voltage.
That said, the one thing I’m having trouble with is shutting TP off when I’m done in the motor home. I’ll wake up in the morning and this thing is still trying to communicate w/ the sensor. It doesn’t respond to the normal way of shutting apps down, and even if I go to the dashboard, click settings-> quit, it doesn’t shut down. I have to go to the Android App Manager and do a force stop.
Am I missing something here? I may be slow, but I’m not very good…

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Post Re: Shutting TorquePro down
on: July 18, 2018 (GMT)

I have just started using TorquePro and am finding the same issue – LG G Pad III tablet, Android 7.0

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Post Re: Shutting TorquePro down
on: July 22, 2018 (GMT)

I could have sworn that I saw an option to shutdown after loss of bt, but wasn’t able to find it again. Might try telling TP to start and open BT to connect with, then to close BT when you exit torque (swipe to close in recent app list). You can also turn off notifications in Settings > App Manager > Torque. Unchecked Show Notifications.

I have automated my TP session using an app similar to Tasker. Basically, the app monitors my BT connection, and when it sees the connection establshed to Sync (defunct Ford Sync 2 service) on my pickup, It launches Torque Pro which is already set to auto connect and go straight to remembered real time screen. When Sync OBD2 connection are lost, the task app then closes Torque Pro via Force Close.

I haven’t tried turning BT on as it us my trigger, and can’t turn it off since the audio connection defaults back to BT headset. This is all on a Sam S4 running 5.0.1 Rooted.

Just found the app, “Autoset”. Another is Automate, but its darn difficult to surpass Tasked. I don’t believe any of the Apps need root/su.


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