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Author Topic: Newbie issues
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Post Newbie issues
on: May 9, 2018 (GMT)

Hi, I’m new to Torque and like it so far, but I’ve observed a couple of things which I think are bugs, unless anyone can tell me otherwise…

1. If I add new speed dials (e.g. 0-60, 0-30 times etc) they don’t refresh like the existing default ones. They don’t say ‘Ready’, ‘…’ etc – they just sit at 0.0 until a time is recorded.

2. My 0-30 time is definitely not recorded until I hit about 45mph. I’ve accelerated from 0-30 many times and it never records it unless I go all the way to about 45mph. Maybe a unit conversion issue? Is it recording 0-45mph instead of 0-45kph?
The time looks like it is the time for 45mph too. I.e. 0-30 = ~3 secs, 40-60 = ~3 sec, 0-60 = ~6 secs. Those times don’t add up! It would work if the 0-30 time was actually the 0-45 time…

3. If I take a long time to get to 30, or cover a 1/4 mile, the times look very wrong. Frequently it will refresh the 0-30, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile at the same time, with EXACTLY the same value, e.g. 45.99991 seconds. This clearly cannot be right.

Also, is there any way to configure it to use the OBD speed for calculating 0-60 times etc? With a correction factor this would be more accurate than the GPS time, given the refresh frequency and positional accuracy of GPS. I’ve accelerated from 0 to 120mph before now and it hasn’t recorded all the times, possibly because of the refresh rate of the GPS speed?

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